Introduction & History


I always loved tasty food, but I was never interested in cooking by myself.
I learned how to cook simple meals during my University period, studying pharmacy. After that, I got back home and as living with my parents, and working, I had no interest in cooking. My mother is a superb cook, so I got lazy.

After moving to live alone, I used to prepare salads for lunch and dinner, and some other simple meals. I preferred to cook only on weekends.

When I fall in love with my husband, I discover he is a very skilled cook a real chef! He had learned how to cook delicious meals as a young boy from his aunt Panagiota, the same with his four cousins.
Aunt Panagiota was a great believer that every man or woman, has to know how to cook enjoyable meals for his/herself and family. So she taught all of her children and nephews the art of cooking.

I began developing an interest in cooking at his side, learning about herbs and spices in cooking that he used to use. One day, looking for materials to make a peeling bath in the kitchen, I realized that food can offer both pleasure and cure. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to combine cooking with pharmacy.

That night, I didn’t get any sleep. I was thinking about what to do, who would be the right way to make my idea useful to me and people. By the morning, just before my brain exploded with thoughts, an inspiring flow brought me the answer:

The “COOKING PHARMACY” project, was born.

During the next months, I made a recipe for aphrodisiac chocolate and syrup for sore throat and cough, using honey, fruits, herbs, and spices. They looked very nice to me. I had the taste and significant results on health and wellness. I became very excited about this.
So, I started thinking for more.

Step by step, I start gathering more food knowledge and designing new products.

Later I made some herbal drinks: a digestive helping wine and a whole-body tonic brandy, a natural energy drink, and more.

So, from this point I’m presenting you my work on “COOKING PHARMACY” and I wish to make your life more pleasant and healthier with it, as soon as I get the right corporation proposal for establishing the “COOKING PHARMACY” project.
Till then, I would like to introduce it to you, with this brief description.

With love and care

Giannoula Rousodimou
Pharmacist & Holistic Life coach


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